Previous Scholarship Winners


2022 Winner

$2,000 Core Scholarship winner: Rachel Carney!

Rachel is in her 2nd year at the University of Tulsa. She is Oklahoma’s first AANA Foundation Student Advocate and has been instrumental in connecting students from her program with scholarship opportunities. She is currently working to create additional scholarship opportunities for future students in Oklahoma. Additionally, Rachel goes out of her way to create study resources for fellow students. As a first-generation college graduate, Rachel continues to blaze her own trail and is now making an impact on the anesthesia community even during school. Rachel states that although anesthesia school is tough, life experiences have shaped her to overcome these challenges and reminds herself that it Is a privilege to be a part of the anesthesia community.

Congratulations, Rachel!



2022 Winner

$1,000 Nomination Scholarship winner: Audrey Benedict!

Audrey is a 2nd year at Emory University. She leads the peer mentor program and works tirelessly to ensure that the incoming first-years assimilate seamlessly into anesthesia school. She is always ready to rally around her classmates and is constantly reaching out to check in on the wellbeing of others in her cohort. She prides herself on excellence both in the classroom and in the OR and has become the “go-to” classmate when another student needs help. Audrey is the program representative for the Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists and has facilitated opportunities to engage students statewide. Audrey was nominated by her classmate.

Congratulations, Audrey!


2021 Winner

Christy is in her 3rd semester at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL. Despite feeling the pressures of school herself, Christy finds time to help fellow classmates through creating study guides and flashcards. She stresses the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and making sure to take time away from schoolwork to be present with those in her life.

Congratulations, Christy!


2021 Winner

Creighton is in his third semester at Marian University in Indianapolis, IN. His passion for anesthesia ignited on a mission trip where he was able to work with a SRNA and CRNA (his cousin and uncle). He has found time in anesthesia school to help fellow students by organizing study material and even helping to restructure check-off agendas. He emphasizes the importance of time away from school to run/cycle to help maintain his balance through school.

Congratulations, Creighton!


2021 Winner

Anthony is set to graduate August of 2022 from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Anthony is passionate about mentoring and has been involved with the DiversityCRNA organization as well as co-chairing the mentoring program at Emory. Anthony emphasizes the importance of making time for personal growth outside of anesthesia school. He has found his passion for weightlifting to be a great way to set goals and continue to thrive through anesthesia school.

Congratulations, Anthony!


2021 Winner

Mackenzie is set to graduate in August of 2022 from Newman University. While in school, she participates as a student representative for the Oklahoma Association of Nurse Anesthetists. She finds time to meet with underclassmen to discuss study strategies and to give them resources to be successful. Through making connections at the state legislation level, to making time around her son’s busy schedule to study, to even going on a mission trip, Mackenzie has found ways to thrive during anesthesia school.

Congratulations, Mackenzie!


2020 Winner

Andrea is in her 3rd semester at Case Western in Cleveland, OH. While personally pushing through the challenges of anesthesia school, Andrea has found creative ways to help her fellow classmates. She stresses the importance of finding time away from school work to pencil in time for personal hobbies. Since making physical and mental well-being a priority, Andrea says she is “becoming more comfortable with the discomfort of this whole process”.

Congratulations, Andrea!