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Course Outlines

Right in the audio player! You can listen to an episode and on the same screen you can read through the course outline. Want to print it off? No problem! Click “Download” for the option to print, share, and download the document right from the app.


Search Functions

Ever had difficulty finding that one episode you just know is out there? Instead of scrolling around on Spotify, just click “Search” in the app and type in a term. It will automatically search the titles of episodes along with the content outlines to ensure you can find the episode(s) you’re looking for!



Attention CRNAs. We currently offer 34 CEUs with a month-to-month subscription option. Unheard of! You can complete all of these CEUs by listening to our episodes or simply by reading through the course content outline. Take a 5-question test afterwards with 3 tries to pass. Simple as that!


Quiz Help

Trying to earn CEUs and stuck on a question? Don’t sweat, use the “search” function right within the quiz to search the content outline and refresh on your knowledge. Each test gives you 3 chances to pass!


CEU Reporting

We will store your CEU certificates on the app. This allows you to export all your CEUs with one click. And that is just for peace of mind…we automatically report your Class A credits to the AANA every 2 weeks.


Flexible Subscriptions

Choose between month-to-month options as well as yearly subscriptions for both SRNAs and CRNAs.

Still Not Sure?

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